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NEWS: Verdict in Crofton Drowning

I remember seeing an ambulance in front of Crofton Country Club one June afternoon last year, and learning the next day that a 5-year old child had drowned.  I couldn’t help thinking of the wonderful days I spent at that same pool with my own three children. 

Going to the pool was a change of pace for me when my children were small, but it certainly was not relaxing to supervise small children.  At that age, they never went into the water without me in arm’s reach, and never went to the snack bar or rest room without me following closely, at least with my eyes. 

Crofton Country Club PoolLearning about this tragic drowning, I said a little prayer of “thank you” that my diligence may have prevented a tragedy for one of my children.  But I knew what was coming… the parents would sue because they would not be able to accept their own responsibility.  What parent could live with that?

Sure enough, they did sue… and they won.  Earlier this week, a jury ruled that DRD Pool Service, who managed the Crofton Country Club pool in 2006, was responsible for the death of Connor Freed.  They awarded Connor’s parents 4 million dollars (although Maryland law caps the award at 1 million dollars). 

No jury award or money will bring Connor back to life.  It is a grim reminder to every parent of their responsibility to protect their children from harm.  In the end, it is they who pay the ultimate price for a moment of inattention, while the pool company (through their insurer) pays only money. 

This incident is a very sad day in Crofton history.  I pray it is one we never see again.

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