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Little-known Facts about Crofton’s Ledo Pizza

Ledo Pizza MapCrofton loves Ledo’s at Eddie’s Place, that’s for sure! 

Several months ago, I held a pizza contest on another website and invited people to post a comment about their favorite place for pizza in Crofton.  Ledo’s won, hands down over Dominoe’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s.  Louise Lear was the lucky winner of a drawing for pizza at her favorite pizza restaurant or carryout, and she was a Ledo’s fan – like most of the participants.

Many of us have enjoyed a long love affair with Ledo’s, having fond memories of our late-night visits to the original restaurant in Adelphi, near The University of Maryland. 

Even if you have enjoyed Ledo Pizza for several years, though, you may not know these interesting facts:

* Ledo’s slogan, “We’re square because we don’t cut corners!” comes from the use of rectangular pans, which were more readily available and less expensive than round ones when Ledo Pizza opened in 1955.  Customers seemed to like their rectangular pizza, so Ledo’s still serves them even though round pizzas are the norm for most pizza restaurants and carry-outs! 

* Fresh handmade pizza dough is hand-rolled when you order your pizza – not tossed, like most pizza dough.  Ledo’s pizza dough is made fresh every two hours, and never frozen.

* Thick slices of locally-made pepperoni are another trademark of Ledo Pizza.  Cooks cut the pepperoni slices by hand in the beginning, so slices were thicker than machine-cut pepperoni.  Again, customers really loved their pepperoni pizzas at Ledo’s, so you can still get them just the way they were served in the 50’s at the original family restaurant.

* Smoked provolone cheese is used on Ledo Pizza, rather than mozzarella.  That’s why there is a saltiness to it, enhancing the flavor of pizza at Ledo’s and making it unique.

* The Marcos family, one of the founding families of Ledo Pizza, still owns and manages the original restaurant in Adelphi, Maryland.

*  Ledo’s Pizza System, under Bob Beall (grandson of the other founder of the restaurant), now owns the Ledo brand and franchise rights and, since 1989, Ledo Pizza has spread to Washington, D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and, of course, throughout Maryland.

* In November 2006, Oprah Winfrey featured Ledo Pizza as one of the best pizzas in America.  Her friend, Gayle King, attended the University of Maryland during the 70’s, and never forgot her Ledo’s Pizza at the original restaurant.

A lot of people in Crofton feel the same way.  The voting in my pizza contest proved it! 

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