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Special Legislative Session COULD Add to This List

I can’t help wondering if a bill might pass in the current Special Legislative Session in Annapolis that will qualify for posting on a list of Maryland’s Craziest Laws.  (The mere fact this special session is even happening might qualify for a list of it’s own – but that’s a topic for another day.) 

Maryland's Craziest LawsMARYLAND’S CRAZIEST LAWS:

1.  You may not go through your husband’s pockets while he is sleeping.

2.  You may not buy drinks for female bartenders.

3.  You may get a legal drivers license if you are in this country illegally.

4.  You cannot sell condoms from vending machines, except places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises.

5.  You may not grow thistles in your yard.

6.  You may not eat while swimming in the ocean.

7.  You may not wear a sleeveless shirt in a public park. 

8.  You may not write about alcoholic beverages unless you are certified by a state agency to receive product samples, limited to three bottles per brand.

9.  You may not spit on a Baltimore sidewalk, but you may on a city roadway.

10.  What new Maryland law coming out of this Special Legislative Session will complete this Top Ten list of Maryland’s Craziest Laws?

GreenipWhile I added my own personal touch to this tongue-in-cheek post, including references to the current Special Legislative Session, inspiration for this list came from a blog titled Crazy Topics.  The author posted this disclaimer, which I shall share with you:  Although most of these laws are true, or were true in the past, there are some that were intentionally taken out of context for entertainment purpose.  And remember, always obey the law no matter how crazy it is.

My apologies to our hard-working Legislators including longtime Crofton resident, Maryland State Senator Janet Greenip

Please feel free to speculate in your comment to this post about any new laws coming out of the current Special Legislative Session that COULD complete this Top Ten List of Maryland’s Craziest Laws.

Copyright 2007.  All rights reserved.  Margaret Woda

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