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Why Hasn’t My House Sold?

If your Crofton home is on the market, do you know why it hasn’t sold yet? 

Some people bury a stataue of Saint Joseph in their yard, believing it will helpWithout seeing your home first hand, I can’t even guess.  But I can give you some food for thought based on many years of experience. 

When there’s a six-month supply of homes for sale, like today, it’s a buyers’ market – that means market conditions are more favorable for buyers than sellers.   Some homes are selling, and it’s likely there’s a good reason why they sold when others did not.

Burying a statue of Saint Joseph in your yard is probably not the answer.  Although some people swear by it, I’m really not sure if that is more of a Superstition or Sales Strategy

The way I see it, the secret is to have all the stars align just right.  If one or more is “off the mark”, a home may not sell in today’s market – not in Crofton or anywhere else! 

Now, here are the names of the stars:

Price - The key to selling your home!

PRICE – Any property will sell at the right price.  This is the most likely reason your property hasn’t sold!  Have you taken into account recent sold properties in the area? Competing homes for sale? Market trends? Property condition?  This is in YOUR control.

Terms - Will you pay some of the buyer's closing costs?TERMS
– Closely aligned with price are the terms and, when all the cards are in the buyers’ hands, it’s more important than ever for sellers to offer favorable terms to buyers.  (Don’t know what those might be?  Ask me!)  This is in YOUR control.

Access - A buyer must see your home before he/she will buy itACCESS
– Are there any showing restrictions?  If your home is not listed with a real estate agent, are you available 24/7 to handle inquiries?  Are your pets boarded, or at least restricted? This is in YOUR control.

If your home is in good condition, it will be more appealing to buyersCONDITION –
Is your home clean?  Neutral?  In good repair?  Uncluttered?  Does it have good curb appeal?  Have you had your property “staged” by a decorating professional?  This is in YOUR control.

Marketing - Providing maximum exposure to qualified buyersMARKETING – Do you have a targeted marketing plan for reaching QUALIFIED and MOTIVATED buyers?  Do you have a buyer profile to identify who those buyers are?  If your property is listed, this is your agent’s responsibility*; if not, this is in YOUR control.

Follow-up leads to resultsFOLLOW-UP – Walking a tight-rope is nothing compared to the right balance with follow-up.  Yet it’s critical, because good follow-up can lead to a sale.  If your property is listed, this is your agent’s responsibility*; if not; this is in YOUR control.

Negotiating NEGOTIATING – Who’s advocating for you in negotiations?  There is no substitute for experience, but it helps to have real estate expertise, as well.  If your property is listed, this is your agent’s responsibility”; if not, this is in YOUR control.

LUCK - an experienced agent to advise you on every aspect of your home sale, and advocate passionately for you!LUCK – Luck is what happens “when opportunity and preparation come together”.  I may be a little prejudiced, but I think luck is on your side when you have the right real estate agent to advise you and advocate for you.  This, too, is in YOUR control.

If you owe more than your home is worth now, or if you’re behind in payments; if your payment is going up soon due to an ARM adjustment or you’re in the midst of a divorce; if you found a bigger better house at a bargain price or have a transfer in hand for a job in Hawaii…  don’t panic.  You CAN sell your house if those stars are aligned just right.  And, if you need help, you can find me at RE/MAX Vision on the Crofton Village Green

Choosing a Crofton Real Estate Agent is EASIER in ‘08


* Services of real estate brokers may vary, and not all listing agreements provide for the real estate broker/agent to perform this service.  This information is based upon services that I provide to my seller-clients and not intended to represent the real estate industry as a whole.



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