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Factors That Impact the Sale of Real Estate

If you’re thinking about selling your Crofton home, it’s important to know and understand the factors which impact real estate sales. 

Not only do you need to know what they are, you need to be aware of which factors are WITHIN your control and which are BEYOND your control.  They’re all important, because they impact the sale of real estate; but it makes sense to focus first on those you CAN control. 

Your real estate agent will be your trusted advisor and advocate throughout each step of your transaction, so choosing the “right” agent is probably the most important factor within your control.

Five Factors You CAN and MUST Control:

As I said before, you must take control of each and every factor you CAN control.  (Note I said MUST, not should.)  I will coach you through each of them, if you hire me as your agent, with proven systems, strategies and tactics to give you a competitive edge in today’s market:


My blog posts will address one of these each Monday for the next several weeks.  While I can’t customize my advice to your situation, as I would my clients, or teach you everything I’ve learned through 35 years of experience and training, I can and will share helpful information with you about controlling these factors that impact the sale of real estate. 

This is just the beginning, however, because there are other factors affecting the sale of real estate – factors that are beyond your control.  That’s what we’re going to talk about here.

Home Seller to Home Buyer
Source: Gary Bolen, Lake Tahoe Real Estate

Five Factors You CANNOT Control:

If you’re very lucky, these factors will be favorable to you and it won’t matter that you can’t control them.  They have the potential to be OBSTACLES to your home sale, however: 


On a normal day in Crofton, weather is not even a factor in real estate sales.  Yet, at times, weather conditions CAN be an obstacle in this area – during extremes of temperature or precipitation, for example, such as hurricanes, snow storms, and heat waves.  Seasons come into play, as well, with conflicts such as Christmas shopping and social events or the distractions of spring graduations and weddings.  Weather and seasons are factors you can’t control that do impact the sale of real estate.


The economy is ALWAYS a factor in the sale of real estate.  When conditions are good for home sellers, they’re bad for buyers.  When conditions favor home buyers, home sellers suffer.  Whether the factor du jour is interest rates or job security, inflation or recession, the bottom line is this:  the economy is an obstacle for someone in the real estate market at any given time.  Today, it’s a buyer’s market – by definition, economic conditions favor home buyers rather than sellers. This is a factor you can’t control which does impact the sale of real estate.


Regardless of what’s happening on a national or international level – war or peace, for example – it’s usually local politics which impact the sale of real estate.  Zoning decisions, state and county taxes, SCHOOLS (capitalized because this is such a big one), roads, shopping, immigration policies, health care, HOA and condo regulations and costs, energy costs, recreation opportunities…   Property values and real estate salability are linked to these factors which are beyond a home owner’s control.  


When the housing inventory is overflowing, such as it is today, prices are driven down and days on market go up.  If a buyer has many choices, he can negotiate with a home seller from a position of strength because there are other options available.  Like the fish in the cartoon, waiting for the worm to get bigger, a buyer can wait for prices to go down even more.  On the other hand, when the inventory is low, homes often sell for top dollar without contingencies.  Today’s market is not like that.  Competition from other sellers, including over-built new construction and countless foreclosures and short sales, is a factor no home seller can control – and it does impact the sale of real estate.


Something as simple as highway or airport noise, the presence of high power energy lines, or odor from a nearby business can be the death of a home sale in any market.  If the drinking water or air is polluted, properties in the area can be stigmatized, and that’s one of the reasons affected homeowners sometimes sue businesses or other entities they believe are responsible for the pollution.  Environment can be a major obstacle to overcome in selling real estate, and it’s a factor beyond your control.

While these obstacles to selling your home cannot be controlled, they must be considered and addressed when selling your home.  

Some people are great golfers, engineers, doctors, teachers or sand-castle builders – but the thing I do best is to successfully navigate all the factors that impact a home sale, including those beyond our control. 

If you’re thinking of selling your Crofton-area home, contact me today to find out what my proven systems and strategies could mean in your effort to win today’s Buyers’ Market Challenge. 

Thinking of selling you Crofton-area home?  Let’s talk!  

Coming Monday, April 14:  Pricing and Terms


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