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Crofton Home Buyers Want to See Your Home

Buyers rarely make an offer on a home without first seeing it, inside and out.

ACCESS Impacts the Sale of Real Estate

I have sold only three homes in thirty years to buyers who didn’t first inspect the property.  Two were relocating buyers from out-of-state and one was a real estate investor who didn’t want to let a good deal get away from him in a sellers’ market.  In other words, your chances of this happening are very slim.

Since access is so important to the sale of your Crofton home, and YOU control access to your property, you must take it very seriously when your home is for sale:

Your Real Estate Broker’s Role in Providing Access

One way you can take control of and maximize access in your favor is to list it for sale with a Crofton real estate broker who treats access as a high priority.  Not all brokers do, so make sure you include this topic in your interview questions before you choose a broker.  (And remember, you usually get what you pay for!)

Find out:

1.  Who will be accessible to answer questions from prospective buyers and their agents at THEIR convenience, 24/7.  (This may or may not be part of the services the real estate broker provides, so be sure to ask.)

2.  What will you do to make your home accessible for buyers to inspect at THEIR convenience?  (Again, this may or may not be part of the services this real estate broker provides – when you ask questions about this, make sure your prospective broker and agent are very specific about what they do/do not do to provide access to properties they have listed.)  

3.  How will you control who accesses my home AND make sure that everyone is an authorized lockbox user?

4.  When will you (or someone on your behalf) notify me about someone accessing my home?  (Before, after, or when they’re standing at the door?)

5.  Why choose you over another real estate broker to manage access to my home?

User-friendly Access 

There’s more to access, however, than responding to inquiries from buyers and agents or showing your home to them. 


Providing access in the most user-friendly way possible is extremely important.  Some examples: a good listing agent will provide directions to your property via the most scenic route, not necessarily the shortest or most direct; he or she will make it convenient for buyers and their agents to gain access to your home. 


This sounds very basic, but you’d be surprised how many home owners and agents are available to receive calls for appointments only during very restricted hours… or place key lockboxes behind shrubbery… or too high for short people to reach… or too low for people with bad knees.  You’d probably be surprised to know how often keys don’t work (did anyone bother to check them before placing them in a lockbox?)… how many home owners leave security alarms “on” or pets running loose on the property.  Even caged birds can hamper a showing, as some are very loud and downright frightening to buyers and agents who enter the property.


All of these situations impact access to your property and, in turn, the sale of your property (or not).  Don’t assume that all real estate brokers and agents are equal, when it comes to this.

Bottom Line

Access is an important factor in the sale of your property – one that you CAN and MUST control to maximize the likelihood of a sale.  If buyers don’t have easy access to information about and inspection of your property, it could mean the difference between SOLD and REDUCED AGAIN. 


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