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One Big Secret for Effectively Marketing Your Crofton Home

Please Buy MeFactors that Impact the Sale of Real Estate in Crofton have been my Monday blog topic for the past several weeks.  Previously, I addressed factors you cannot control (such as the weather, economy, politics, competition, environment) and factors I may advise you on but you control completely (pricing, condition and access). 

Marketing, however, is usually within MY control.   And here’s my one big secret for successfully marketing your Crofton home:  

Marketing your Crofton home IS NOT all about
your property and its many wonderful features.

Marketing IS all about the buyers and how your property can satisfy their wants, needs and budget. 

Accurately identifying the most likely buyers for your home, effectively packaging your home to attract the most likely buyers, and successfully communicating with the most likely buyers – that’s marketing.  

Here’s the 3–part challenge I face when you choose me to market your Crofton home:

1.  Accurately identify the most likely buyer for your property 

Who is likely to buy your home (demographics)?  Why will they choose your home over another (motivation)?  How will they buy it (financing options)?  Where are they now (local or relocation)?  When will they buy your home (seasonal factors)?

I need these answers before placing the first ad or even writing any remarks in your mls listing.  They are the core information required for marketing to have a purpose and to be successful.

2.  Create an effective message directed to that buyer. 

An effective message requires language and visuals that appeal to those “most likely buyers” on both emotional and intellectual levels. 

Again, that magic word experience.  I often fall back on my inventory of past marketing messages that proved to be effective in reaching a similar target audience. There’s no learning curve here, no trial and error – no need to experiment or waste valuable time with ineffective marketing messages.

3.  Accurately determine the best strategies and tactics for reaching that buyer. 

Maximum exposure is a term that’s widely mis-used to describe marketing, in my opinion.  Who cares how many people see your marketing message if they’re not prospective buyers or don’t have access to prospective buyers?   And what good is “maximum exposure” without an effective marketing message?

Targeted exposure to likely buyers for your home is my primary strategy, using a variety of tactics that include blogging and “alternative” real estate web sites as well as the MLS, print media, mailings, broadcast email to local real estate agents, and open house tours.  Not all agents are articulate in all of these tactics – Fortunately for my clients, I am.  And remember, for any of these tools to be used effectively, #1 and #2 must come first.

Let’s dispel the MLS myth:  There’s been such a ruckus over the years about FSBO’s and discount brokers gaining access to the MLS.  Now that many of them have this access, consumers are discovering it wasn’t inclusion in the database they needed – it was the expertise of REALTORS who used it effectively to achieve results.

The Bottom Line:

Effective marketing of your Crofton home depends entirely on the buyer profile – i.e., accurately determining who the most likely buyer is and the best way to reach him or her.  The experience and expertise that goes into developing that profile, the ability to reach buyers through technology, and the creativity to hold their attention through effective dialogue – these are the skills of an experienced and effective listing agent. 

If you want A Sold Sign in Your Crofton Front Yard, contact me today at 301–346–2923 (cell) or 410–451–1900 (office).


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