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Negotiating Skills Are Essential for Crofton Home Sellers

CROFTON HOME SELLERS – In a Buyer’s Market like we have today, home buyers don’t just hope you will compromise your home-selling goals – they EXPECT you to accept a lower price, offer more incentives, and meet their timing demands.



By definition, a Home Buyer’s Market is one in which economic and psychological conditions favor buyers rather than sellers.

A buyer has many options in this scenario, because there is a large inventory of homes available – and several sellers are seriously competing to attract a very small number of qualified buyers.  Today’s sellers offer closing help, free condo fee for a year, buyer’s choice of new carpet, a discounted price and other incentives that say “please choose me!”.  Even though buyers may love your home, they do have many attractive alternatives if you don’t accept their offer.  

Negotiations actually begin when you put your home on the market, because that’s when you make YOUR offer to prospective buyers. That’s why Pricing Your Crofton Home for Sale is so important, including your offer of incentives to the buyer.  

Crofton home sellers, you should take any offer seriously, even if it is not attractive to you initially.  In this 2008 buyers’ market, in fact, you can probably count on a low offer.   If you say “no”, the buyer can say “adios” and move on to another home without further negotiations.  Unlike 2004, buyers now have many homes to choose from, and this is what gives them so much power! 

My suggestion is this:  Find something you like in the offer, focus on it, and make a counter-offer on any terms that are unacceptable.  ‘Truth is, the buyer is probably expecting a counter-offer – it is likely they will be happy to get some of their offer accepted as written.

When I am your listing agent, I will present any offer to you, discuss it with you, help you evaluate your options, and together we will craft a counter-offer that acknowledges the acceptable terms and addresses the unacceptable ones.  You will have a ratified contract only after both parties come to agreement in writing and all contingencies are satisfied. 

That last phrase is the “kicker” – there are other moments of reckoning between contract and settlement that sometimes trigger renegotiation, including appraisal, home inspection, and pre-settlement walk-through.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to be represented in negotiations by a tireless and effective advisor and advocate.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the Crofton area or ANYWHERE in Anne Arundel County and nearby Prince Georges or Howard Counties, give me a call.  We can talk more about negotiating strategies and other factors impacting your home sale.  In the meantime, here are the earlier blog posts in this Monday series of posts for home sellers:

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