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A MEME in Crofton – That’s NOT a Typo

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Crofton community and real estate information is more than a slogan for, it’s the subject matter for 99% of my blogs.  Today, however, I digress from the norm…



For all you Crofton folks who never heard of a MEME, it’s a blog post all about Me, Me (as opposed to You, You)  in response to being tagged by another blogger.  I guess the best way to explain it is to say it’s an opportunity for readers to get to know the “real” person behind the blog.


Ginger Wilcox tagged me on her Blog By The Bay several weeks ago, and Ruth Marie Hicks did so this week in her blog, Real Estate for People & Pets.  Within days, Jesse Clifton tagged me in his Fairbanks Alaska Blog, as did Thesa Chambers in her Central Oregon Buzz.  I’ve been MEME’d many times, declined a few requests, but written three previous MEME’s on my Maryland Real Estate Blog on ActiveRain. 


Since there are only so many hours in the day for writing at all, let alone writing about myself, I’m going to follow the format proposed by Ginger.  Hopefully RuthMarie, Jesse and Thesa will understand if I postpone my response to their challenges until another time.


Here are 7 things readers may not know about me:   


Piano 0000015744881.    I’m a pianist with a degree in Music Education.  That career took an abrupt detour when we relocated to San Diego, California, six months after college graduation and just one semester teaching elementary school music in Montgomery County Maryland Schools.  San Diego had no music program, so I got a job in a real estate office, and the rest is history.  A few months in the music program at Crofton Woods Elementary in the 70’s convinced me that real estate was a better career choice for me, and here I am still helping Crofton home sellers and buyer after 30+ years.


2.    You could call me a bionic woman – Well, at least I have bionic ears.  In pioneering ear surgery, the world-renowned innovators of a new medical procedure gave me plastic ear bones and borrowed skin from my neck to create new eardrums.  I think my history of hearing difficulty may be one of the reasons I’m a good listener, because I couldn’t hear anything for many years without really focusing on the speaker. 


3.   One of my summer jobs during college was a clerk-typist for the Navy, working for the R&D team on weapons systems used in the Navy years later when my husband was a U.S. Naval officer.  How’s that for “small world.”   With so many military and retired military families in Crofton, I’ll bet there are other Crofton residents who are familiar with those weapons systems, as well. 


Crofton Country Club - 12th Tee4.    I learned to hit a golf ball about the same time I learned to walk and won my first golf tournament at age 9, playing at Manor Country Club in Montgomery County, Maryland.  I still have the Patty Berg clubs my grandfather gave me as a reward for that accomplishment.  With golf as a family sport, where else in Anne Arundel County Maryland would we live, but Crofton!   Read Crofton Real Estate – Tee it up!  


5.  I was an activist in my early days in Crofton – Those cable TV boxes along Crofton streets are the result of my organizing a coalition of community leaders to testify at the Anne Arundel County Council AGAINST Comcast Cable’s plans to run those boxes on BOTH sides the street and to place a taller box in front of every home.  I also chaired the community effort to raise funds for plantings along the Route 3 Median Strip in front of Crofton by the State Highway Department.  Those plants have been replaced by new ones – paid for by tax dollars, the second time around.


Crofton Maryland Real Estate6.    If you bought or sold a Crofton home in the past 10 years, regardless of which agent or broker you worked with, you probably used at least one form (and probably more) I helped develop or update as a member of the Contract Forms Committee of Anne Arundel County Association of Realtors. 


7.    Don’t laugh – I was named Betty Crocker “Future Homemaker of the Year” as a senior in high school.  Betty Crocker would probably be disappointed to know most of my time in the kitchen is now spent warming up leftovers from the wonderful restaurants in and around Crofton.  But perhaps this national award helped inspire my hobby and avocation as a cake decorator.  Years ago, I baked and decorated the wedding cakes for a number of Crofton brides!


For all you Crofton folks who never heard of a MEME, Part of the MEME challenge is to keep it going by tagging other bloggers.  I’m going to tag three Crofton-area bloggers, and I’ll come back after they each write their MEME to create a link to their MEME posts: 

Martha Brown, Long & Foster Crofton office

Lisa and David Webber, RE/MAX Vision in the Crofton Village Green

Audrey Hoffman, Real Estate Staging Consultant


RuthMarie, Thesa and Jesse – I accept your Super MEME challenge, but one MEME at a time is all I can handle.  Hopefully you’ll be patient a few weeks, as Ginger has been.  In the meantime, I have a lot of community and real estate news to write about. 


Coming This Week:  An update on Art Huseonica and the Denali Ice Agers






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