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Crofton Kentucky Has Little in Common with Crofton Maryland

As Larry and I drove across Oklahoma en route to Crofton Maryland from Dallas, Texas, last week, I had a brainstorm:  Since we’re planning to drive through Kentucky, let’s see if CROFTON KENTUCKY is close to our planned route. 

Welcome to Crofton - Kentucky, that isUnfortunately, it turned out to be about a 160–mile detour, but we decided to go anyway.  This Crofton “expert” and real estate agent just couldn’t miss an opportunity to check out that other Crofton community.  I think Larry was a little curious, as well.

We arrived just as the sun went down, in spite of lunching on the road and skipping dinner ‘til later.  With no sun and little light, our photos aren’t great, but we did get a few you may enjoy.

With a population of about 900 people, Crofton Kentucky’s post office is a bit smaller than the one in Crofton, Maryland, which serves our 20,000+ population.  There are just 353 households in the Kentucky city, and more than 7,400 in ours. 

Crofton Kentucky Post OfficeOther comparisons:  the median income in Crofton Kentucky is about a third of that in Crofton Maryland ($25,625 / $75,046); and the size of the city is much smaller (.6 sq. mile vs. 5 sq. miles).

However, the average household size is more similar (2.69 people in Crofton Maryland and 2.37 people in Crofton Kentucky), as is the median age (35 in Crofton Maryland, while it’s 37 in Crofton Kentucky.

I have more photos and information about the Crofton located half a country away, in Kentucky, to share with my Crofton Maryland neighbors, so let’s continue this on Wednesday (Downtown Crofton Kentucky) and Friday (Homes for Sale in Crofton Maryland and Kentucky).

Photos:  MWoda
Statistical Info:  2000 U.S. Census

Copyright 2008.  Margaret Woda.  All rights reserved.  “Crofton Kentucky Has Little in Common with Crofton Maryland”


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