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A Visit to Downtown Crofton Kentucky

Crofton Volunteer Fire Department


On Monday, I told you about the visit Larry and I made to Crofton Kentucky last week.  But I gave you more information about statistics than I did about what we saw, so today I’m going to share some photos we took there.

Downtown Crofton Kentucky is about a block long, with one traffic light and a railroad track running through downtown.  Here are our photos, beginning with the Crofton Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD).


Dining in Crofton Kentucky

Crofton Diner is not quite the same as Sly Horse Tavern, Jaspers, La Fiesta, or Ledo’s in Crofton, Maryland, as you can see from this photo, but it’s one of only two dining-out options we saw.  There are six listed on Crofton’s website. 

The other is Brandy’s Family Dining, across the street from the gas station. 

Brandy's Family Dining




We didn’t get photos of the schools (too dark, by the time we got there), but there is a Crofton Elementary School and a Crofton Amish Parochial School, if you’d like to read about them.



The blinking light in downtown Crofton

Here’s the one blinking traffic light in downtown Crofton Kentucky.  Crofton Diner is on the right, just past the yellow railroad sign.  

The one gas station in Crofton is to the right of the crossroad where this traffic light is located.  As Larry was pumping gas, I noticed a tractor parked in front of the station.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough grabbing my camera to take a picture of a young man who climbed up on the tractor to drive off with three pizza carry-out boxes on his lap.  We wondered if he was picking them up to take home, or if he was the pizza delivery guy.

Crofton Kentucky's go-to store for home and auto parts


One last photo – Crofton Home and Auto Parts.  Don’t worry, there was a Lowe’s in a nearby town, but this go-to place is located in the center of downtown Crofton.

Click on this link to see other Crofton Kentucky businesses


Coming Friday:  Homes for sale in Crofton Maryland and Crofton Kentucky.


 PHOTOS:  Margaret Woda

A Visit to Downtown Crofton, Kentucky
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