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Re-leaf from Fall Leaves – NOT a Typo

A Crofton Home Nestled among Mature TreesWhen you think of Crofton real estate, you may picture the beautiful mature trees in “Old” Crofton, even if you live in one of the newer neighborhoods with few trees.  Should you happen to be one of those families who do enjoy the shade and beauty of trees throughout the spring and summer, fall is your season for payback.  Now your tree-less neighbors have the last laugh, as you spend every free moment raking leaves.

But what are you going to do with them?  Gone are the days of our childhood memories… the smell of burning leaves… cooking marshmallows with our parents over a bonfire of leaves at the curb near our house.  Environmental and safety concerns long ago put an end to that practice (but I’m so grateful for those memories!).

“Re-leaf from Leaves” is not a Woda-original.  In fact, it’s the title of a video offered by Anne Arundel County, although I was unable to open it today.  I assume it suggests these tips (from the County website) for leaf disposal:

Beautiful, but no fun to rakeCompost – Start a compost pile or add leaves to an existing one. Composting is nature’s way of recycling leaves, grass clippings, and other organic materials and converting them into a valuable soil enricher that can be utilized in flower and vegetable gardens. Visit our Waste Management Services page to learn more about composting

Mulch By using a mulching mower, you can chop the leaves into small pieces which will decompose directly on your lawn. If the mower has a bagger, you can collect the leaf pieces and spread them around flower beds and shrubs as mulch.

Till – Decomposing leaves provide a naturally produced organic material which is healthy to lawns and gardens. To reap the benefits of this natural recycling process, till leaves directly into a garden.

If you prefer, you can place those bagged leaves at the curb on your regular recycling day.  Just mark the bags containing leaves and other yard waste with a big “X” made from masking tape.

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If you’re considering a Crofton home purchase in the coming months, be sure to read Why Consider Crofton? on the Maryland Real Estate Blog. 

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