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Why Shop Crofton KMart this Holiday Season?

PC080095_editedThat’s a strange question, I know, but this isn’t about the products KMart sells, their prices, or even their convenient location at the intersection of Routes 3 and 424 in Crofton.   Very simply, Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC), which includes KMart and Sears stores, is a big supporter of America’s military personnel and families.  That fact could be a tie-breaker for me this holiday season as I’m choosing where to shop.

I learned about this recently from a blog post written by Michigan blogger Missy Caulk, and I wanted to pass on the information to my Crofton area readers.

SHC offers military pay differential to eligible employees, filling the gap between their military and civilian pay, and they also provide benefits up to 60 months for Reserve or National Guard duty.  Eligible employees continue participating in SHC’s life insurance, medical and dental programs while deployed, and receive annual merit pay increases and incentive pay.  Additionally, SHC holds a comparable position for deployed employees for up to five years.  Now THAT is supporting our troops in a meaningful way that matters to them!

In 2002, Sears Logistics Services partnered with 12 other companies and the Department of Army to pilot a program that offers spouses of service members a resource for finding employment to help them maintain financial security.  Participation in this program expanded to all SHC units in 2006.

But that’s not all. 

Sears Holdings Company participates in a Department of Defense Fellowship Program which allows senior level active duty military personnel with logistics experience to work at SHC corporate headquarters and field units for one year in lieu of continuing education at a service-related school.

They also participate in Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS), a U.S. Army recruiting tool designed to provide civilian jobs to qualified soldiers after completing their initial tour of duty.  SHC has more soldiers signed on today than any of the other 90 corporate PaYS partners.

And they care about the children of deployed troops…

Operation Purple summer camps for children of deployed military personnel is funded in part by the Sears American Dream Campaign, bringing together kids age 8–18 at 23 camps.  In addition to typical camping activities, the program includes special sessions on coping with the stress of deployed parents.

This is really just the beginning.  Yes, there’s more.  Visit the Sears Holdings Company website to learn about other programs, including HomeFront Cards and the Keepsake Book “A Tribute to Military Families:  Letters of Thanks from our Nation’s Children.”

Sears has supported military personnel and families since 1916, but I had no idea before reading Missy’s blog about this.   Is this new to you, as well?

P.S.  In addition to the Crofton KMart, you’ll find Sears stores nearby in Annapolis Mall and Bowie New Town Center.

Photo:  MWoda

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