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How Many Homes Sold in Your Neighborhood in 2008?

It’s raining, it’s pouring… bad news for the real estate market. 

But we all saw some “SOLD” signs as we’ve driven around Crofton, Bowie, Odenton, Gambrills, and Davidsonville in 2008.  Although the numbers pale, compared to 2007, some homes DID sell in nearly every local neighborhood.  Here’s a small sampling of some Crofton neighborhoods where some homes DID sell, based on information obtained from the Metropolitan Regional Information System (MRIS), our regional multiple listing service:


This community is located just inside the main gate of “Old” Crofton, on the left as you drive in via Crawford Boulevard.  All of these homes are three story brick townhomes, built in the early ‘70’s. 

Lake Louise1. 1478 Carlyle Ct.
2. 1679 Carlyle Dr.
3. 1514 Birdwood Ct.
4. 1730 Albermarle Dr.
5. 1692 Albermarle Dr.
6. 1654 Albermarle Dr.
7. 1530 Birdwood Ct.

During the previous year, ten homes sold in Lake Louise.  That’s a 30% drop in sales.  But remember, SEVEN HOMES DID SELL in Lake Louise during 2008! 

WALDEN (Detached Homes) –

This community is located off Reidel Road, between Rt. 424 and Johns Hopkins Road.  Homes were constructed by a number of different builders in the 90’s.  There are several townhomes in the area, as well, although they are not included in this information.

 1. 2Walden Detached Home415 Chelmsford Dr.
 2. 2493 Chelmsford Dr.
 3. 2413 Hightee Ct.
 4. 2433 Hightee Ct.
 5. 1517 Hornbeam Dr.
 6. 1538 Hornbeam Dr.
 7. 1547 Hornbeam Dr.
 8. 2451 Kemper Rd.
 9. 2422 Shadywood Ct.
10. 1402 Tuffed Moss Ct.
11. 1403 Tuffed Moss Ct.
12. 2513 Walden Dr.
13. 2527 Walden Dr.

24 detached homes in Walden settled in 2007.  That’s a 46% drop in sales.  In adjacent Chapman Farms, 12 homes settled during 2008 compared to 18 in 2007 – about a 35% drop.  But this is important:  36 HOMES DID SELL in Walden/Chapman Farms during 2008!


Among the newer “piggy-back” townhomes built in the Crofton area, this community features two-level homes over one-level homes.  Located across from Nantucket Elementary, these homes have been built since 2000.

Nantucket Mews1. 1136 Cranston Ct.
2. 1144 Cranston Ct.
3. 1220 Rockland Ct.
4. 108 Wickford Ct.

Sales in this community took a huge plunge from the 17 that settled in 2007.  A whopping 76% drop in sales!  My best educated guess is that many home owners in this community have little or no equity, making it wiser for them to rent, rather than sell, if moving is a must at this time.  In fact, five homes in this community were rented during 2008.  But…  4 HOMES DID SELL in Nantucket Mews during 2008.  


The “original” detached Crofton homes built by Hamilton Crawford in the 60’s.  A few of those original homeowners still remain in their homes, and their investment has really paid off.  When they bought, these homes sold for less than some of today’s cars.

 1. 1554 Crofton Parkway
 2. 1564 Crofton ParkwayHPIM1226
 3. 1553 Ellsworth Ave.
 4. 1536 Elwyn Ave.
 5. 1533 Eton Way
 6. 1570 Eton Way
 7. 1552 Eversham Pl.
 8. 1556 Farlow Ave.
 9. 1616 Farnborn St.
10. 1510 Flynt Pl.
11. 1518 Flynt Pl.

Sales of detached homes in “Old” Crofton have dropped about 39%, from 18 last year.  However, 11 HOMES DID SELL in “Old” Crofton during 2008.


When these homes were built off Underwood Road in the ‘80’s, many of them sold before a model was even constructed.  They’ve been just as popular on the resale market, priced well below many other detached homes in Crofton.

Crofton House - Shenandoah1. 2082 Jason Ct.
2. 1708 Remington Dr.
3. 1747 Remngton Ct.
4. 1711 Remington Dr.
5. 1735 Remington Dr.
6. 1909 Tilghman Dr.

This is actually UP 20% from the five sales in 2007.  Yes, folks, 6 HOMES SOLD IN SHENANDOAH last year – MORE than sold in the same community during the previous year!  Nothing like ending on a bright note, so I think this is a good place to end my report. 

The real estate market has declined in the Greater Crofton Area over the past year, but the important thing to recognize is this:  Owners of all these homes successfully sold their homes in 2008. 

You’ve heard the lottery slogan, “You gotta play to win!” – Well, the same is true in real estate:

You gotta put your home on the market to sell.  Don’t be afraid to give it a try in 2009. 

Home buyers, I say it again… This is a great time to buy a home.

P.S.  For more information about home sales in 2008, including price and days on market, contact me any time.  No obligation, of course!


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DISCLAIMER:  All information is believed to be correct, but it is not guaranteed.  MRIS is the source, and typos happen.  Please let me know if you see any information that is inaccurate, so it can be corrected.

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