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Parental Rights Amendment Proposed

I wonder how many Crofton families realize that parental rights of Americans are being threatened by an International Treaty our Congress is considering?   

Family Getty 200433433-001The UN “Convention on the Rights of the Child” (CRC) has implications for American families that Treaty supporters may not have considered.  According to information posted on, this threat from International Treaty Law would give Government the power to override your parental choices.

It’s not too hard to imagine a situation where your political or religious views might differ from the Administration du jour. (All of us have experienced this just within the past year, under the Bush OR Obama Administration.)  Could this lead to your children being taken away and put into a government home and school that teaches the State-approved politics and religion?  It happens in other countries, why not here?  

Don’t think it can’t happen in America because an International Treaty supersedes the laws of all 50 states by virtue of a specific provision in the U.S. Constitution.

The only thing which can override an International Treaty is the U.S. Constitution.  That’s why Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan and more than 50 co-sponsors are introducing the Parental Rights Amendment on March 31.  Under this Amendment, American legislators would continue to determine public policy for American family law rather than International tribunals which are NOT based on a democratic form of government like we have in this country.

Here’s what Crofton residents can do:

1.  Read Why We Need the Parental Rights Amendment by Michael P. Farris, Esq.

2.  Sign this petition supporting the Parental Rights Amendment.

3.  Find out if your Congressman is one of the co-sponsors or supporters of the Amendment. 

4.  Go to and put in your zip code (upper right or top of the left navigation bar) to find your Representatives’ office and contact information.

5.  Contact your Congressman and urge him/her to become a co-sponsor and/or to support the Parental Rights Amendment.

6.  Forward this post to other people in your family and sphere of influence, and encourage them to follow these six steps.  Just click on the “Share This” link at the very bottom of this post, and then click on the “E-mail” tab.

My Congressional Representative is John Sarbanes, and I hope he at least votes for the Amendment!  After all, this is not a Democrat or Republican issue, a liberal or conservative one – it’s an AMERICAN one preserving American family law as it now exists!

I’m sure there are other provisions in the Treaty which we all could support, and having this Constitutional Amendment in place would allow our country to sign the Treaty (which is supported by our President and Secretary of State) without risking American parental rights.

Many thanks to Katerina Gasset of Wellington, Florida, who called this matter to my attention.  I welcome suggestions of blog topics from all Focus On Crofton readers.  


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