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Crofton Unhappy with Verizon Fios Repair Response

Verizon Fios response to outages disappoints Crofton area customers.

Our home in Crofton wasn’t the only one in the Greater Crofton area to lose Verizon Fios during a storm on Tuesday night (June 9). 

Disappointing Response to Verizon Fios outageCustomers understand that outages sometimes occur during storms, and we’ve all dealt with that inconvenience many times in our lives.  Until now, however, restoration of service seemed to be a priority for providers in this area – including competing Comcast.  At the very least, they faked it well – and Verizon didn’t even do that.

The loss of phone, Internet and TV is a trifecta that truly isolates consumers from the world, rendering Verizon Fios customers unable to obtain emergency help in the event of a fire, break-in or medical crisis unless they happen to have a cell phone.  

That is unsatisfactory!   

After using more than an hour of cell-phone minutes to report the outage – including time spent following their directions to test the Verizon Fios box on our house for power, removal and replacement of the battery, and remote electronic testing – we were promised a repair date of Thursday.  Others had similar experiences, while some had no way of contacting Verizon without phone or Internet access.

Fortunately, they did come as promised on Thursday and made our repair, but it lasted less than a day before going out again. 


An employee of Verizon Fios, who shall remain nameless, gave us some advice I would like to pass on to readers of this blog:

If you are unhappy with Verizon Fios Repair Service, contact Verizon again after service is restored and ask to speak with “Retention Services” to express dissatisfaction.  It is entirely possible they will give you something – maybe a free month of service or a discount? – to compensate you for your inconvenience and help retain you as a customer. 

But this does not fix the problem!  A phone connection is essential for emergency communication and leaves Verizon Fios customers vulnerable in the event of a fire, break-in or medical emergency.

Please take a minute to let Verizon know that their customer service will either cost them current and future customers in the Greater Crofton area or earn them rave reviews…  The ball is in their court.   

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