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Ordinary Maryland Residents Can Help Save the Bay

Protecting the Chesapeake Bay is something Crofton area residents can do, without delegating this task to state and federal governments – although we sure hope they’ll get involved. 

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has developed a list of several things we can do to help.  There’s nothing new here, but most of us can benefit from a gentle reminder from time to time:

Recycle – You can recycle cans, bottles, and paper without sorting it in Anne Arundel County – it couldn’t be any easier for you! 

Use less water – Take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, run the dishwasher and clothes washer only when they’re full.

Drive less – Combine errands into one trip, use public transportation, carpool, tele-commute from home instead of driving to your office.

Conserve energy – Install a programmable thermostat, use low-energy light bulbs, turn off lights or appliances when not in use.

Use recycled paper – Look for products made with recycled paper.


Sailing on the ChesapeakeTo find out what Maryland officials are doing to help Save the Bay, visit BayStat.   Created in 2007, this program cuts across State agencies such as the University of Maryland and the Departments of Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resources and Planning to assess the Bay, predict future threats, and help scientists.

Saving the Chesapeake Bay isn’t a Democratic or Republican thing… it’s a responsibility for all Marylanders.  We can help by making simple changes in our lifestyle like those mentioned above, or by choosing Energy-Star appliances for our homes.


If living on the Chesapeake Bay is something you’d like to explore, please click on one or more of the links below to view waterfront homes:

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