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Win $500 by Naming This Company

This is a personal request, having nothing to do with Crofton MD real estate.  If that turns you off, just scroll down to read the next post.  If you’d like to win $500 or just learn about my sons’ new business venture, read on…


My two sons need your help to name their new business and you could win $500 if your suggestion is selected. I told the my FocusOnCrofton readers could probably come up with some good ideas, and there might even be some folks here who would like to become beta-testers of their product as it comes out of development.

Here’s a little background…

Do you know where your kids are?  

They may be sitting right across the room from you at this very moment either texting or playing electronic games on their phone.  …Or perhaps chatting on Facebook (instead of working on homework) at their computers.  That seems harmless enough, right?  After all, they’re in the same room with you so they couldn’t be exchanging inappropriate texts or emails…

Do you respect their privacy, or do you occasionally pick up their cell phones and take a quick glance at their recent activity – for example, the nature of their text messages?  My son did that one day, and discovered that his 15-year old son was being solicited by a sexual predator – a 43-year old middle school teacher who (’til this moment) had never been caught.  

This individual had “friended” him on Facebook and they subsequently developed an online friendship which spilled over into texting. Fortunately, my son interrupted this so-called friendship before it evolved into anything more serious. (Other families were not so lucky, it turns out.)

Now this former teacher is sitting in solitary confinement in a Maryland prison for 8 long years (32 of his 40-yr sentence was suspended at sentencing), after a plea deal acknowledging guilt to one count of sexual solicitation of a minor (my grandson) and three counts of third degree sex offense (other children discovered during investigation of the solicitation charge).  He will be on probation for five years after his release and he will forever be required to register as a sex-offender.  

One observant parent brought an end to this man’s years of preying on children and teens.   

As a result of that experience, my two sons are starting a business to:

1) Educate parents about the danger of un-supervised communication technology in their kids’ hands and

2) Develop new technology that will track traffic on designated phone and Internet accounts to alert parents know if their child’s online communication is “inappropriate”.  

This is an early stage start-up with lofty goals, the first round of funding under their belts, and much work to be done. Naming the company was not their first priority, but now the time has come… and I told them FocusOnCrofton readers might be able to help.

If you want to post a name suggestion in your comment, I will pass it on. BUT you must submit it online at to be eligible for winning the $500.  You can also view other name suggestions at that site.

Thanks everybody!

Originally posted by the author at Maryland Real Estate

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