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In Pictures: America’s 20 Most Stable Housing Markets

Congratulations to us!  Crofton was named  one of America’s 20 Most Stable Housing Markets.

Crofton cherry treesIt’s true… Just a week after I told you there’s no sugar-coating statistics about the Crofton real estate market for November 2010, found a way to do exactly that. Last week, they declared Crofton’s real estate market to be one of the 20 most stable in the nation.

They simply disregarded how drastically sales units were down in November 2010 from November 2009 and focused on the annualized percentage of homes sold and the average change in median home value based on an undefined timeframe.  And there’s no mention of the ups and downs between the two book-end months, if they’re going from December 2009 or January 2010 to November 2010.

I guess this is what’s meant when people say you can make statistics say anything.  But hey, who doesn’t like to read great things about their own community in a national publication? 

Here’s hoping this good news attracts new home buyers to Crofton and the surrounding area:

This planned community of 30,000 outside Baltimore was established in 1964. Home values are 65% higher than in the Baltimore metro overall.

To read the entire article, click on America’s Most Stable Housing Markets

Let’s also take a look at statistics reported by our regional MLS.  It never hurts to have the actual numbers, so you can draw your own conclusions about the stability of our Crofton real estate market.  (And yes, I did add some commentary of my own.)


Just for the record, here’s a graph of median home values over the past year, based on sales reported by MRIS, our regional multiple listing service:

21114 - Median Prices

The Median Price started out at $305,000 in December 2009, and 12 months later it was $304,000 in November 2010.  That seems stable enough, BUT… In between, the median price hit extremes of $252,000 and $360,000.  Stable?   You decide.


If you just look at December 2009 (13 homes) and November 2010 (11) homes, home sales appear relatively stable, don’t they? 

21114 Homes Sold

BUT there were twice as many homes (26) or more homes sold during six of the intervening months, and I don’t know how one can overlook that and consider the market stable.

Do these REAL numbers published by our local multiple listing service look like the picture of stability to you?  To make that claim, I kinda think these graphs should have less extreme peaks and valleys – maybe some minor ups and downs.  I’m all for a positive outlook, but I also believe in providing accurate information.  Just sayin’… says Crofton is one of America’s 20 Most Stable Housing Markets Hallelujah!   Let’s celebrate that, but also look at the numbers reported by MRIS.  No doubt about it, Crofton is a great place to live and own a home, but we are not immune to today’s economic ups and downs.

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