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Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell a Crofton Home?

Crofton MD Real Estate Q & A

Woman realtorQ.  Do I need a real estate agent to sell my Crofton home?  I can put a sign in my yard, hold open house, and post the details online without an agent.

A.  Yes, you can do those things, but selling a home in today’s market requires more than finding a buyer. Perhaps I’m a little prejudiced, but I’ve had the privilege of observing many good real estate agents at work.   I’ve seen them anticipate, recognize, and neutralize problems in a real estate transaction before the sale is de-railed –  and often without their client ever knowing there was a threat to the transaction.  These sales would not have closed without a good real estate agent holding together the transaction!

Karen Bernetti, a real estate stager, former REALTOR, and author in Southington, CT, puts it this way:

Are REALTORS Worth Their Commission?
by Karen Bernetti

Are Realtors Worth Their Commission? I used to be one of those part-time Realtors (that full-time agents love to hate). During my years as a Realtor, I found the really good seaonsed agents intimidated me A LOT. Why? Because they seem to know EVERYTHING about everything. I was in awe – and by the way, I still am.

  • While (most) agents are not home inspectors – they sure know a lot about radon, HVAC systems, wells, septic systems and more.
  • While (most) agents are not licensed mortgage officers – they sure know the in’s and out’s of getting buyers approved for financing.
  • While (most) agents are not licensed appraisers – they sure know a lot about property values.
  • While (most) agents are not attorneys – I’m amazed at how much they [the REALLY good ones] know about real estate law.

  • While (most) agents are not home improvement contractors – they are often a wealth of knowledge when it comes to roofing, siding, flooring, windows and more.
  • While most agents are not interior decorators – many know a lot about home staging.
  • While (I’d venture to guess many) agents don’t have an MBA, they sure know a lot about marketing and advertising.
  • While (most) agents are not bankers, I’m amazed at how they (the REALLY good ones) manage to navigate through the scary world of short sales and foreclosures.
  • While (most) agents are not licensed psychologists – they sure know a lot about family and marriage counseling. They get stuck in the middle of a lot of touchy disputes between spouses and family members.
  • And while (most) agents are not professional journalists, a lot them are truly amazing writers! Especially the friends I’ve had the privilege to meet here in the Rain (I would list them but I would be here all night if I did. They know who they are).

You have to be a very special person to last in this business. The true professionals that I know are without a doubt worth every penny of commission they earn.  You really have no idea how hard (good)Realtors work – until you’ve done it yourself.

It made sense for me to have a real estate license years ago when my husband was building houses. And when we were in the condo management biz, being licensed allowed me to offer more services to our clients. I’m no longer involved in either of those businesses anymore which is why I am no longer a licensed Realtor.

I’m happy to finally be able dedicate myself full-time to my staging business – my true passion. I’ll leave the business of representing buyers and sellers to those whose shoes I don’t believe I could ever properly fill.

Are REALTORS worth their commission?  Absolutley! 

Karen, it’s so true.  Experienced real estate agents spend a lot of time in the company of home inspectors, appraisers, etc., and we do constantly learn from them.  Our clients reap the benefits of these experiences!  Thanks for letting me re-blog this at Focus On Crofton.

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