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Why Do I Have to Sign an Agency Notice in Maryland?

Crofton MD Real Estate Q & A

Q.  Why do I have to sign an agency notice, just to go look at homes in Maryland?  I’m not ready to sign anything yet or to decide on one agent. 

REALTORA.  The state-mandated agency notice, Understanding Whom Real Estate Agents Represent, must be presented by a real estate licensee to a consumer at their first scheduled meeting. 

It’s a matter of Maryland law.  By signing the form, you’ll simply acknowledges the agent did what he/she is required to do.  This notice does not obligate you to working with the agent, or the agent to working with you.  

If you decide to look at homes with other agents, each of them should provide this notice to you at your first scheduled meeting with them.

If/when you choose one agent to represent you in your sale, you’ll want to sign a buyer-broker agreement that creates a contractual agreement between you and the agent’s broker.  It defines the responsibilities of you and the broker to each other –  some of those responsibilities are mandated by law and some of them are negotiable between you and your broker.  If you see anything in the form you don’t understand, or don’t like, just ask about it.  Chances are the agent can explain that provision or propose a compromise.

The buyer-broker contract is not required up front, but it must be in place prior to the agent preparing a written offer for you on a home.  For now, before you go look at any homes, you’ll have to acknowledge the agency notice provided to you by the showing agent.

Brochure:  Understanding the Role of Real Estate Agents

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