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Parenting is a Whole New Ballgame in the Digital Age

Imagine seeing your own precious pre-teen son or daughter reveal himself or herself online, on a public website. This happened to one mom, recently, while she was on the phone with customer support at – much to the embarrassment of the support technician who was assisting her with using for the first time. Her response: “Looks like I have a problem!”

Ignorance is NOT bliss, when it comes to your kids.

Boy texting

This mom, like most moms, was quite sure that her little angel had good judgement and would never misuse a computer or cell phone to create and transmit pornography.  It never even crossed her mind!  She was more concerned about classmates bullying her child or adult predators targeting her child, and that’s why she had signed up for

When we were children, our parents answered the phone and screened our calls…  “I’m sorry, Marggy is doing homework now.  Can I have her call you back when she’s finished?” Or, if some sleazy-looking stranger knocked at the front door and asked for me, I just know my mom and dad would have asked who they were, what did they want… and then probably either stood there while I talked to the person or not even called me to the door. They certainly would not have let him inside.  This was good parenting – something that is MUCH harder to do in the Digital Age.

uKnowKids is sort of the modern day version of the parenting we benefited from as children. It’s that layer of parental protection that kids need to stay safe in the Digital Age.

The very tools that parents give their children to help keep them safe – a cell phone to call home if their car breaks down, for example – could be providing a window of opportunity for strangers to have unfettered access to your children. If you wouldn’t let that sleazy stranger in the front door of your home to go spend unsupervised time in your child’s bedroom, you’re probably a parent who would appreciate the parental oversight provided by

My own kids are parents now, and I’m so glad that I didn’t have to worry about these things when I was raising them.  But I do have grandkids and I want their parents to do everything possible to protect their children the way I protected my children and my parents protected me.

Check it out… what do you have to lose except your children’s safety? Six months from now, you don’t want to be saying, “I should have tried that online parenting thing called uKnow.” Remember, Ignorance is not bliss, when it comes to your kids. was created by two brothers who grew up in Crofton, MD, after the 14-year old son of one of them was targeted by a sexual predator. Fortunately, good parenting interrupted this sexual predator (now in solitary confinement in a Maryland penitentiary), and uKnowKids was developed to help you avoid the hazards of raising children in the Digital Age.

See this video for the story that inspired uKnow Kids on the Ricki Lake Show

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