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Pre-Settlement Checklist

Pre-Settlement Inspection Checklist

You’ve found that dream home, come to agreement with the seller on price and terms, successfully negotiated the home inspection repair items, received your appraisal and loan commitment… The only thing left to do (other than packing and moving, of course) is your pre-settlement inspection, sometimes referred to as your walk-thru.

Tempting as it may be to use the time for taking some last minute measurements of the windows or to plan your furniture placement, it’s important to focus on the matter at hand: making sure that everything included in the contract is present and any deficiencies identified in the home inspection are corrected.


It’s possible that your real estate agent will have a pre-settlement checklist for you to use, but it may or may not include everything mentioned above.

One last thought… 

Chances are that your current home is packed and you’re ready to move.  It’s okay to accept some things you find during the final pre-settlement inspection and take care of them yourself so you can go to settlement without any further delays.  Discuss this option with your agent.

Remember, tensions and exhaustion may be high for everyone involved in this transaction… it may not be worth it to make a big deal out of something you can fix for under $100.


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