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Crofton Home Buyer Alert: 130 Homes for Sale

Postcard - I love CroftonHome buyers still find Crofton an attractive place to live, and Crofton homes have continued to sell throughout the real estate downturn.  The stability of the Crofton real estate market is evidenced by the fact that none of the detached homes currently on the market are either bank-owned or potential short sales, according to our regional multiple listing system. 


There are forty-two detached homes for sale now in the 21114 zipcode, ranging in price from three homes priced just under $300,000 to an 8–year old 6–bedroom colonial in Braddock Farms at $679,900. The most expensive home on the market in “Old Crofton” is actually the $599,990 new home, which is located on the corner of Crofton Parkway and Tarrytown.  The majority of homes in Crofton, however, are 20–30 years old.

Click on Crofton detached homes to view photos, prices, and other details for currently listed detached homes in the 21114 zip code.  This list is automatically updated, and will always be accurate at the time you click on the link. 


Sixty-four townhomes are on the market now in Crofton, ranging from a low of $135,000 for a lower level piggy-back unit in Bancroft to a $349,999 3–level garage townhome in Walden.  Three of the listed townhomes are bank-owned and nine of them are potential short-sales – a great opportunity for investors, eager to take advantage of the low prices, low interest rates, and Crofton’s convenient location for renters!  Four of the townhomes currently on the market are newer, i.e. less than 10 years old, but most of them are in established neighborhoods.

Click on Crofton townhomes to view photos, prices, and other details for currently listed townhomes in the 21114 zip code. This list is automatically updated, as well, and will always be accurate at the time you click on the link.


There are eight “other” homes currently for sale, including two of them in the Tiers at Walden.  The other six could have been identified as townhomes, as many of their neighbors were.  The confusion comes from the fact that these townhomes are located within a condominium association.  You will not find these homes included among the townhomes, however, so home buyers will have a harder time finding them in an MLS search. 

If you’d like to check out these homes, please contact me directly.


Do you have a good real estate app for your smart phone?  Search for home prices and details anywhere and anytime, using one of several real estate apps available at the Apple iTunes store, including one from, zillow, and Long & Foster. To view my brief demo of the free Long & Foster app (which is similar to the others mentioned here) and to get a free VIP access code, click on L&F mobile home search (for iPhone and Android).  

Online home searches are a great way to begin your home purchase, but remember… it’s just one resource.  There’s no substitute for actually visiting property and seeing it first-hand.  Contact me today to inspect your favorite online finds, and for help choosing a lender, home inspector and other professionals who will likely have a role in your home purchase.

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Bowie Real Estate Update – June 2011

One of the things that amazes me about the local real estate market is how much it can vary from one zipcode to the next.  That’s true, even in Bowie, where there are four zipcodes.  I usually focus on the three Bowie zipcodes closest to my office, as follows:

20715 June2011

20716 June 2011

20720 June 2011

Just take, for example, the percentage of Month on Month increase for the number of closed sales:  it was flat in 20715, down 48% in 20716, and up 223% in 20720.  If this doesn’t prove that “all real estate is local,” I don’t know what does.

Home Sellers:  If you’re thinking of selling a home in Bowie, Maryland, you really can’t rely on these charts.  They make for an interesting comparison, but you need information specific to your immediate neighborhood and home type to price your home accurately.

Home Buyers:  The market is up, down, and all over the place and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to estimate when the market will hit bottom in any of these zipcodes.  With the rates so low (still hovering at or below 5% for a 30–year fixed rate mortgage), I wouldn’t take any chances by waiting until some economic event forces a change in the interest rates.  Just one or two percent could make a huge difference in your monthly payment.

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Crofton Real Estate Market Update – June 2011

Crofton home sales were up last month by nearly 10% from the previous month, but that’s not all…

The average sold price was up 11% and the days on market were down 20% from May 2011.  All of that is good news for Crofton home sellers, and bad news for Crofton home buyers.

Let’s take a look Crofton real estate statistics over a 5–year period:

7-20-2011 9-10-07 AM

Okay, now that you’ve seen the numbers, what do they mean?  Let me begin by saying that June of last year is an anomaly, since closings were inflated by the $8000 tax credit requiring closings to take place before June 30, 2010.  All the 2010 statistics are “suspect”, therefore, as whether they truly reflect market conditions at the time.  That being said, the five-year picture helps put last year and this into perspective.

Crofton Home Sellers:  Don’t expect your home to sell in less than 3–4 months –  and, frankly, this has been the norm for most of my real estate career so don’t let that discourage you.  There were more closings last month than either of the two previous years, even 2010 with the tax-credit closings.  The median and average sold prices are down, BUT this doesn’t not mean any single property declined in value that much; it would take a more in-depth analysis to confirm my suspicion that it’s an indication more townhomes sold than the more expensive single family homes.

Crofton Home Buyers:  Supply and demand has been in your favor for many months, but you can see that the inventory is down and there are fewer new listings. In fact, these numbers were lower in 2011 than any June in the past 5 years!  Less competition for home sellers means fewer options for buyers, and that’s not good news for you.  It weakens your negotiating power.  Please take heed of this, and get out into the Crofton real estate market sooner rather than later.

For market information about your specific type of home or neighborhood, please contact me directly.



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Anne Arundel County Real Estate Statistics Provide a Mixed Message

Margaret’s Monday Morning Real Estate Update
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
June 2011

The June sales statistics for Anne Arundel County, Maryland, provide a very mixed message to residents and REALTORS alike, because 2010 sales numbers were inflated by the $8000 home buyer tax credit.

P5290012Many of last year’s buyers would have purchased a home a month or two later, but advanced their timing to coincide with the tax credit.  In other words, the numbers really didn’t reflect market conditions at the time.  It’s no surprise that 2011 sales for June were down over 10% from last year or that the average days on market are nearly 7% higher for June 2011 than they were for the same month in 2010. 

Frankly, I’m going to disregard the “year on year” statistics and focus on those from last month.  I believe they are much more relevant.

The number of closed sales for June 2011 showed an increase of nearly 20% from May; prices were relatively stable, with the average sold price up about 2.5% and the median sold price down about 2.5%; the average sold to list price ratio is also stable, showing only a .02% increase over last month.

So…. what does this mean to Anne Arundel County residents? 

Home sellers:  Keep the faith… the market ranged from stable to better than the month before.  That’s a good thing.  There’s usually an uptick in sales during the fall months, so get your home on the market now and don’t wait ’til it passes.

Home buyers:  If this “stable to better” trend for home sales continue, you may have missed the bottom of the market.  Remember, if/when interest rates take a turn for the worse, it won’t be much help to you if prices drop a little more before you buy.  Get off the fence now!

For more information, including statistics for your own zipcode or neighborhood.  Give me a call.  I’m always happy to help.

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Odenton Market Study – May 2011

Monday Morning Market Report for May, 2011
Odenton, MD (21113)

The listing inventory is down slightly from May of last year in Odenton, and that’s good news for home sellers.  Even better: the number of new contracts increased from 17 in May 2010 to 26 in May 2011. 

Other statistics reported by MRIS:


These statistics come with a disclaimer, however.  Last year’s numbers didn’t necessarily reflect actual market conditions because of the $8,000 tax credit for home buyers.  Therefore, the month on month figures –  measuring May against April of this year (MoM) –  should probably be the primary focus of our attention here. 

What do they mean to you?

Home Owners:  If you’re thinking of selling your home, there’s the usual mix of good and bad news.  Yes, it did take longer for homes to sell in May than it did in April, but more homes sold –  a lot more homes –  and that’s good news.  The pricing held relatively stable, but again I caution you:  this doesn’t mean the value of any one house changed, only that the average or median of homes sold during this period was higher or lower, including condos, townhomes and detacheds throughout the entire zipcode. The timing is probably good for putting your home on the market because we’re not seeing a dramatic downward trend in prices or a growing inventory of homes.

Home Buyers:  Rates remain low and prices are fairly stable… what are you waiting for?  With the inventory decreasing, prices in Odenton are more likely to go up than down.

While this is all interesting, to some degree, it is not conclusive.  For an accurate estimate of market conditions in your neighborhood or a neighborhood you’re considering, we need to narrow down the criteria to the type of home, or immediate neighborhood.  I’ll be happy to do that for you, if you click on Contact Margaret Woda.

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