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Walden – Featured Crofton Community

Walden – Featured Crofton Community

Walden Golf Course 2More than 900 homes are located north of Rt. 424 in the Crofton community of Walden, including townhouses, multi-unit condos, and detached homes built around the community centerpiece of Walden Golf Course, clubhouse, tennis and pool facilities. Most of these homes were built during the 1990’s.

The earliest Walden homes – approximately one hundred 3-level townhouses and seventy-two garden-style condos – appeared on the south side of Johns Hopkins Road between 1990-1992.

The exterior appearance of these early Walden townhouses was somewhat stark and boring, with little or no brick on the facade, but their interior layouts were spacious and more than made up for the exterior. Some of them featured a garage and some even backed to the golf course. The Tiers of Walden condos ranged from 710-1280 square feet, appealing to buyers who wanted an apartment-size dwelling with the benefits of home ownership and, as a bonus, their own garage. Fourteen attractive detached homes, featuring basements and garages, were built on Walden Drive during this same period.

Other Walden neighborhoods popped up along Reidel Road over the next eight years, between Johns Hopkins Road and Crofton Meadows, adding more than seven hundred households to Crofton. The homes included 3-level townhouses, many with garages, zero lot-line villas that introduced another new concept to Crofton, and traditional detached homes.

Demand for Walden homes in Crofton has never wavered since the day they were built, as many buyers are attracted by their relative “newness” – about 30 years younger than most homes inside the Crofton triangle. Yet residents enjoy the same convenience to D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis, excellent Crofton schools, participation in Crofton community organizations, and the same shopping, dining, and recreational venues.  As the community celebrates 50 years since the first home was built in Crofton, we celebrate the neighborhoods in Walden built in the 1990’s.

Check out current listings of Walden homes for sale by clicking on the icon below.  This list updates automatically, so it will be current whether you read this post today or years later.  When you see a home (or two or three) that catches your eye, contact Team Woda at [email protected] or call me at Long & Foster (410) 451-6245 to see the home and community up close and in person.

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Too much stuff to move!

Preparing your home to sell

Have you ever made plans to list your home and buy another, but reconsidered after your agent or stager advised you to “minimize” so your current house would show better? What on earth will you do with those boxes you never unpacked from moving in, or the excess furniture from combining two adult households, or Grandma’s family heirlooms?


The truth is, they’re right…  They know that prospective buyers are more attracted to professionally staged homes that look bright and spacious. These homes typically sell at top dollar in less than 30 days, so it will benefit you to “minimize” your belongings before putting your home on the market. This will provide the stager a blank slate for dressing your house to sell.

In addition to ASP® stager Jenn Morson, my real estate team now includes an interstate moving company who will transfer clients’ excess items to storage pods when their home is listed and provide insured storage at a climate-controlled indoor facility. Not only that, they will move furniture from one room to the next or even one level of the home to another, as recommended by the agent or stager. The price is less than $500, including two months storage.

My daughter recently experienced this service first hand as she prepared her Northern Virginia condo for sale. The Staging Fashionista (of Facebook fame) had suggested moving some of her heavy furniture and removing boxes stored in an unused bedroom. Over the years, she’s heard the success stories of my clients who staged their homes, so she didn’t hesitate.

She used masking tape to mark two 7×7 areas on the floor, and spent a weekend stacking boxes and furniture within this area to 5′ high. The movers cleared these areas, packed the pods, and relocated furniture within her two level condo in just 3 1/2 hours. Amazing, when you consider that each trip included 33 steps between the front door of her condo and the van.

The result: a condo that was ready to stage, photograph and sell.  Click on the image below to access the slideshow – especially if you know anyone thinking of purchasing a condo in Northern Virginia. (There’s music attached, so you may want to open it when you’re not sitting in a meeting.)

If you have too much stuff to move… put my real estate team to work for you.  We’ve thought of everything, including professional movers to help you prepare for showing your home to prospective buyers.

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Crofton’s 50th Anniversary Calendar

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Farmers Market Opens April 5

Anne Arundel County Farmers’ Market

April 5 will be opening day for the 2014 season at Anne Arundel County Farmers’ Market. Mark your calendar, and don’t miss this opportunity to support local farmers!

Farmers market

The outdoor market, which initially opened in the Board of Education parking lot on Riva Road in 1981, is now located at the intersection of Harry S. Truman Parkway and Riva Road near the Anne Arundel County School Board, just a few minutes east of Crofton. Hours will be 7 a.m.-noon on Saturdays through December 20 and expand for the summer to include Tuesdays, from May 27-September 30.

More than 50 local farmers participate in the Farmers’ Market, bringing you the best and freshest produce you’ll find anywhere in the area. There’s plenty of parking and a covered pavilion where you can enjoy shade, even on the hottest summer day.

Directions: Take Route 50 East to the Riva Rd exit, and turn right at Riva Road.  The Farmers’ Market is located about a mile on the right, at the intersection with Harry Truman Parkway.


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Davidsonville Real Estate Market Update – February 2014

Davidsonville Real Estate Market Update – February 2014

Based on sales figures from MRIS and RBIntel, released March 10, 2014, for Davidsonville, Maryland (21035)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are more than 2500 residential dwellings in Davidsonville, but there is very little turnover. Only one hundred eighty five homes sold in the 21035 zip code during 2013, the highest number of annual sales since I started tracking real estate statistics in my market during 2006.  That’s fewer than 1% of the existing homes.

With so few home sales, it’s not really possible to draw any meaningful conclusions. One very high or very low-end property can skew the numbers significantly.

That’s why I would have to look beyond this data to consider similar homes in other zip codes, if you were to contact me today about selling your Davidsonville home. There really is no substitute for “experience” in situations like this!

Here is the information released by MRIS and RBIntel last week for Davidsonville, Maryland:

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 5.14.58 PM

What you don’t see here:

Home Buyers:

The time is always right for buying in Davidsonville because there are more sellers than buyers, and that tends to put buyers in the driver’s seat at the negotiating table. That being said, homes are selling at about 95% of full price, so don’t expect to get a “steal” in Davidsonville.

Home Sellers:

There’s some pent-up demand out there, so take advantage of this and put your home on the market sooner rather than later!  You’ll have a lot of competition, so work with an agent who has a relationship with a good stager. It could mean the difference between selling or multiple price reductions… or worse, no sale.


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Should I disclose or disclaim property information?

paperworkPaperwork goes hand in hand with selling a Crofton home.

In addition to the listing agreement and sales contract, there are various forms required by federal, state, and local officials – not to mention others required the real estate broker who will represent you and MRIS, the regional multiple listing system.

One of the state-mandated forms for home sellers is the Maryland Residential Property Disclosure/Disclaimer Statement. Home owners have the option to either disclose or disclaim, but agents are not supposed to advise clients on what to do – it could be interpreted as giving legal advice and, after all, we are not attorneys.  So… how do you decide?

The only advice I can give is this: Both options are perfectly acceptable so do whichever makes you feel comfortable.

If you choose to disclose, please answer each question truthfully because the buyer, lender and real estate professionals will rely on this information. If you’re unsure about anything, “unknown” is an option for most of the questions.

If you choose to disclaim, please note that “latent defects” cannot be disclaimed… they must be identified. According to Wikipedia, “latent defect is a fault in the property that could not have been discovered by a reasonably thorough inspection before the sale.”

Since you can disclose or disclaim, there’s no reason to lose sleep over this choice.  Complete and sign one of them and move on to the next form. There are plenty more to do, and I’ll address some of them over the next few weeks.


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